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Fellowship training mission statement

 Our Division has a strong mission to train clinically expert academic cardiologists, trained and inspired to become future leaders in the world of Cardiology and our society at large  We emphasize five aspects to our mission:



Development of Clinical Expertise 
At the foundation of excellence, Cardiology Fellows should become clinical experts, with a deep fund of medical knowledge and superior management and decision making skills  Our program provides our fellows with a very wide range of  cardiac pathologies and clinical management and procedural experiences Our faculty is clinically expert and highly dedicated to teaching our fellows clinical training is complemented by our outstanding didactic program.  

Academic capability and achievement 
Our goal is to recruit fellows who seek to develop full-time academic careers To that end, each fellow in our program is required to do research and develop a mentored relationship with one or more of our full-time faculty The academic expertise and opportunities within our Division assure that our Cardiology fellows have a wide selection of research opportunities available to them Our goal is to provide fellows with the tools they require to become academically successful Cardiology faculty  

We seek to recruit fellows with the ability and desire to become future leaders. To that end, we are committed to developing the leadership potential of our fellows and providing them with specific opportunities to practice and express clinical, academic, and/or administrative leadership.

Character and Compassion
We seek to produce fellows who will be future role models for character, integrity, professionalism, and caring. We seek to recruit fellows with strong “people skills”, inherently team players, and with an attitude of giving- the type of fellow who, on his or her way to conference, will stop at the gurney of a patient in distress in the holding unit of the stress lab, for example, because there is no one else attending to the patients’ complaint.

People function best in a positive, nurturing environment, inspired by positive role models  
Our program is well known for its camaraderie and sense of esprit-de-core both among our faculty and fellows. We also place importance in fostering a program where our fellows develop a life-long friendship with their fellow peers and other colleagues.


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